How God reveals your secret life to his selected prophets

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Alt=How God reveals your secret life to his selected prophets
How God reveals your secret life to his selected prophets.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, if you are a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, but you are engaging in secret practices that are a disgrace to our Father in Heaven, you better stop these practices right now. If you do not, one day God will expose all these practices to one or more of his selected prophets. You will be very much embarrassed, as you are about to see in the following true story.

The respectable expat lady workmate.

About twenty years ago I was working with a respectable expatriate lady. From the outside she looked beautiful, well groomed, and very diplomatic. Except for official  work-related business, we never talked about personal matters. This impression went on until one day God decided to reveal her private life to me, as you are about to see.

I am going on a vacation!

One morning this workmate came to my office in a very happy mood, accompanied by three other foreign lady friends of almost her age.

“They are my friends. They arrived in this country yesterday, and we are all going for a holiday in Zanzibar” she happily said as she introduced them to me one by one.

“Is there anything you would like me to bring you from Zanzibar?” she asked me.

I had never been to Zanzibar but I quickly remembered that it is an island with plenty of pleasant spices, so I replied, “Some good spices, if you can find any, thank you so much”.

A week later this lady workmate returned to our place of work in a jolly mood, with a gift for me. It was a small model of a dhow boat made of palm leaves but stuffed with different aromatic spices. I thanked her a lot and put the gift in my car. I was so anxious to taste these spices because their aroma already filled the inside of my car.

The supernatural revelation.

Reaching home, I went straight to my bedroom where I placed my gift on a small table near my bed as I prepared to have some rest.

As soon as I lay on my bed, something strange happened. The Lord took me into the supernatural world. Everything in my room suddenly disappeared and, instead, I saw a beautiful luxury hotel suite with a King-size bed.



On top of this bed were my expatriate lady workmate and her three friends she had shown me. They were all completely naked and busy involved in a party of sex orgies. I pleaded with God to take away the obscene images, but they persisted. I think God wanted me to see everything about my expat friend. Then, in a few seconds the vision disappeared, as I suddenly rose from my sleepy position! It was God’s revelation to me of the orgies my workmate was involved in during her holiday trip.

The cursed gift.

God was warning me about the gift I had received, the secret behavior of the person who had given it to me, and about what she had been doing with her friends in Zanzibar.

I quickly grabbed the gift of spices, ran out of the house, and threw it in the dustbin outside. I returned to my bedroom and prayed that this workmate finds Jesus Christ to save her from perishing into Hell. A few years later she was transferred to another country. I prayed that God continues changing her life through Jesus Christ  so that she ultimately enters Heaven.

Interceding for many other cases.

From the day God called me into ministry, the Lord has been revealing to me the private lives of many individuals who are sliding into Hell. God wants me to intercede for them so that they do not perish. Most of these individuals just sit not far from me, and the Lord suddenly reveals to me their private lives. Sometimes the Lord reveals to me the private lives of persons I have never met before, like the radio sports commentator I am going to mention below.

God revealed to me the secret life of a Radio commentator.

One time I randomly tuned to an FM radio station that was broadcasting live football coverage. As soon as I started listening to this broadcast, the Lord took me into the supernatural world and started revealing to me the private life of this commentator I had never met before. The more this man talked over the radio, the more God made revelations to me about his private sex life. I quickly switched off my radio and prayed that this stranger gets to know Jesus Christ to be saved from perishing into Hell.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


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