How God talks to you

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How God talks to you
How God talks to you

How God talks to you


By Makko Musagara

Dear reader, ever since I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior thirty two years ago I have never heard an audible voice of God. What I am going to share with you is a classic example of how God talks to you-in a different way.

The huge bunch of banana fruit.

I live in a tropical rainy climate, so I can grow all year round a few green banana plants  for food within my compound. Because I apply organic manure, the banana fruit bunches are usually huge and occasionally the banana plant stems break before harvest time because of the weight of these bunches of fruits. To prevent the breaking of stems, we usually install long wooden poles fixed on the ground to support bunches of heavy banana above.

God speaks to me.

One day I had just returned from work and, after parking my vehicle, my eyes were involuntarily diverted to a mature banana plant in my compound that had a huge bunch of green bananas. I had already agreed with my wife that this banana bunch would be eaten in a month’s time during the coming Christmas festivities.  As I looked at it I got a strange thought within my mind. This thought said: “That  banana tree with a large bunch of fruit is about to collapse. I am going to ask my maid to install a wooden pole support to prevent the stem from breaking”. Dear reader, I did not realize that it was God who had put this thought in my mind. God was speaking to me, though I did not know it (Job 33:14)!

Because I was tired from the day’s work, I neglected the voice of God and instead asked my maid to remove the groceries from my car. I never told her anything about the banana tree as God had instructed me. Instead I went direct my bathroom for a shower.

The price of disobeying God’s voice.

After the shower and changing clothes, I went to the kitchen where my maid gave me some bad breaking news. She said “Boss, the stem of the big bunch of banana you had planned to eat on Christmas day has just broken and the banana fruit bunch has fallen to the ground!” I did not believe her report until I went to the garden and confirmed it myself. Indeed the banana stem had broken down and the huge bunch of green bananas was on the ground! I asked the maid: “I have just seen the banana stem straight on my arrival, when did it break?

She replied: “As soon as you went to shower!

I wished I had obeyed God’s voice! I wished I had postponed everything and implemented what God told me to do! “This means we have to buy bananas for the coming Christmas” I thought.

Dear reader, God speaks to you daily in voices like this. They come like your thoughts but actually they are not your thoughts. They are God’s voice speaking to you. Learn to discern God’s voices and implement what He wants. If you do this, you will lead a successful walk in life.



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