How God trains you for Christian ministry

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Alt=How God trains you for Christian ministry
How God trains you for Christian ministry.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, what I am about to tell you may surprise you, but it is the real truth. Many people face very difficult situations in their lives, and they keep on wondering why such things are happening to them. They do not know that it is our Father in Heaven who is training them for ministry.

My own training.

As soon as I received Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life, God started training me for ministry. The first training was in prayer. I hated waking for prayer, but God gradually trained me to become a prayerful person.

I remember one time God woke me up for prayer at midnight and I refused to get out of bed. I loved sleep more than prayer. This annoyed God so much. What God did was to send his angel from Heaven to come to my bedroom to wake me up by force.

This angel had no mercy at all. As soon as he stood near my bed, he pulled away the blanket and bedsheet from my body. I was left totally uncovered. I was forced to get out of bed and go into aggressive prayer.

Fighting with witches and Satanists.

During my training God was bringing me into many battles with Satanists, witches, and occultists.  I kept on wondering why of all people these Satanists were fighting me. I did not know that it was our Father in Heaven who was training me for a worldwide ministry.

I got married when I was 25 years of age. Since then God has always trained me to be faithful to my wife. It is because of this training that I have never known any other woman since our marriage.

God trained me early never to smoke. God trained me never to take any alcoholic drink.

I am not saying that I am too holy. What I am saying is that our Father in Heaven has tried his best to train me to live a holy life.

Early in my school days, I picked up interest in writing. I held many writing positions until I completed University. I did not know that our Father in Heaven was training me to be a writer in his Kingdom.

How God trains you for ministry.

Before God can use you, he has to prepare you for his work. God is molding you so that you do not fail in the assignment he has for you. During this molding God is doing the following:

  1. He is teaching you to have faith in Him.

  2. He is teaching you to listen to His voice.

  3. He is teaching you to read and follow His written Word in the Bible.

  4. He is teaching you to be a prayerful person.

  5. God is teaching to fight spiritual battles.

  6. He is molding you to be a patient person.

  7. He is molding you to persevere during hardships.

  8. He is molding you to be a survivor and an overcomer.

  9. He is teaching you to throw away pride and become a humble person.

  10. He is teaching you to be holy.

  11. He is teaching you about forgiving those who have wronged you.

  12. He is molding you into an intercessor.

  13. He is molding you into a preacher of the Good News so that you win souls into His Kingdom.

  14. He is teaching you to always focus more on Heavenly things rather than worldly ones.

  15. He is teaching you about tithing and giving offerings.

  16. He is molding you into a person who will give thanks in all situations, good or bad.

  17. God is teaching you how to be a good public speaker.

  18.  wants you to know how Satan and demons operate to enable you overcome these evil forces.

  19. He is teaching how things in Heaven look like, and that Heaven is better than earth.

  20. God is teaching you about eternal  life and things.

  21. He is mentoring you to be His representative everywhere you go on Earth.

God’s training requires patience because for some individuals it takes many years. For Jesus Christ it took our Father in Heaven 30 years to train him for ministry.




Prayer that blocks Satan.

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