How God’s angels pray.

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How God's angels pray.

How God’s angels pray.


By  Makko Musagara


How God’s angels pray.

Dear reader, I would like to share with you this true experience that happened to me some years back. It is a story for you to decide whether God‘s angels pray or not.

Background to the angel’s visit.

Before the angel visited my house at night, my family had the previous evening hosted a man of God from Rwanda who died during the Rwanda Genocide of 1994 but God rose him from death. During his death Jesus Christ took him on a tour of both Heaven and Hell. Read his interesting testimony from his book Seven day’s in Heaven. On the evening this man of God visited us, we had no electricity at our residence for several hours because of the intermittent shutdowns by our National electricity provider. At the end his visit that evening he prayed for my family and left. Emmanuel told us that God would show us something at night, but he never explained to us what we would actually see.

God’s angel visits us at night.

Around midnight that same night everyone in the house was asleep and I was resting on my bed half asleep and half awake. I was in a state of two spiritual realms – the physical and the spiritual. As I laid on my bed, something strange happened. I saw, with my spiritual eyes, someone enter the gate to our compound. Even though the gate was properly locked, this man went through unobstructed. The same thing happened when this man reached the door to our house. It was locked but he entered with ease and sat on the sofa in our living room.

Conversing with the angel of God.

Even though I was half asleep on my bed, I found myself in the spiritual realm moving from my bedroom to our living room where the angel was seated. After greeting him, I correctly identified this person as God’s angel. When you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you get filled with the Holy Spirit who is able to recognize holy or evil  spiritual beings (Read my related story: “Satan’s Heavy Presence“). As soon as my spirit identified this person as the angel of God, I shouted “Everyone wake up, this is an angel of God!“. The angel responded saying: “You are right. I am an angel from God”  Then I quickly instructed our maid to prepare a hot meal for this angel.

Heavenly lights come into our house.

The first question this angel asked me was: “How come all the lights are off in this house?”  I explained to the angel that the National electricity supplier had shut down power in our part of the city. Then this angel did something I will never forget. He stood up and laid his right hand palm on the wall. Suddenly I saw multitudes of modern lights I have never seen before. They were on every wall of our house! From this experience I realized that God’s angels can do anything for you in accordance to God’s will. For example, if you are walking in darkness, they can cause a bright star in the sky to lower itself where you are so that you walk in plenty of light (see Revelation 8:10).



How God’s angels pray.

After this display of God’s miracles, the angel sat back in the sofa. Meanwhile the hot meal I instructed our maid to prepare was ready. I carefully laid the plate of hot food on a table before the angel and requested him to bless it. This angel reacted quickly to my request. What amazed me was that he did not pray with words as  we do here on earth. Instead he fell flat on the floor of our living room, prostrated himself, and started worshiping God!  After his worship I asked him: “Is that how you bless food?

The angel replied:

For us angels blessing food is like worshiping God. That is how we worship God in Heaven“.

As the angel prepared himself to eat, I woke up from this vision!

From this experience I realized that God’s angels do not pray. Instead, they worship God every time they go into his presence.

If our aim is going to Heaven where our Father is, then all human beings should stop being shy and fall flat on the floor to worship God every time they are in prayer.



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