How God’s angels strengthen and encourage you.

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Alt=How God's angels strengthen and encourage you.
How God’s angels strengthen and encourage you.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may not believe what I am going to tell you, but it really happened. This writing ministry that God gave me did not start on the Internet as you see it now. My ministry began with a message that God gave me through a supernatural vision many years ago.

After this vision, I put God’s message in a small booklet that I distributed throughout the world. Read the full brochure for free here.

One day I felt very tired and discouraged.

My ministry began by distributing a small pamphlet titled “Defeating Satan” to all regions of my county. Then I moved on to the next step of distributing the same pamphlet to every English-speaking country in the world.

Before the Internet became universal, as it is now, most literature was funneled through the post office. My ministry began by mailing these pamphlets through the post office..

One night  I sat very tired near a small table where I was doing God’s work. I was so tired and discouraged that I started wondering and asking myself questions.

One of the questions I asked myself was like this:


Does God really care about this work I am doing? Does God even see these booklets I am sending out to all these countries?


As I kept on asking myself, I found myself sleeping on my work desk.


Alt=How God's angels strengthen and encourage you.

God sent an angel to strengthen me.

You may not believe what I am about to tell you, but it actually happened. As I continued to ask myself questions of despair and unbelief, I found myself fall asleep on my work table.

Suddenly, as I dozed, I got a supernatural vision. In this vision I saw God’s angel standing next to the desk on which I was laying my head.


Alt=How God's angels strengthen and encourage you.



What God’s angel said to me.

God’s angel said:


Heavenly Father  has sent me to search for every place in the world where you  have sent the message he gave you. I have moved all over the Earth and found your book in very remote places of Earth. Do not despair or be discouraged. Heavenly Father appreciates your work.


Then the angel disappeared, and I suddenly woke up from this vision.

This is how our Father strengthened me, and encouraged me to continue doing his work. I was so much encouraged and motivated by this angel that I have never stopped doing God’s work.



How God’s angels strengthen you.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


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