How Satan imitates Jesus.

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How Satan imitates Jesus.
Satan was able to imitate some of the miracles Moses performed in Egypt.


By  Makko Musagara


How Satan imitates Jesus.

Dear reader, some Christians are swayed by miracles made in false churches not knowing that Satan is a very good imitator. In this article I show you how Satan imitates Jesus with miracles.


In John 4:18 Jesus told the Samaritan woman some secrets about her life. These revelations excited this woman and she immediately believed in Jesus.

Let me caution you about the gift of discernment. Satan and demons are very good at imitating this gift. Demons can tell you details of your past and can tell you your future.

In the Book of Acts chapter 16:16-18 the Bible mentions a young slave girl who was using demonic powers to tell people secrets about their lives and even correctly predict their future. When this girl saw Paul and the other disciples she correctly discerned and told them that:

These men are servants of the Most High God and are proclaiming to you[a] a way of salvation!”  Acts 16:17.

The disciples got annoyed and cast out her the demonic spirit of fortune telling. Believe me, if this girl still lived and formed a church today, she would attract many Christians who are swayed by her amazing demonic spirit of discernment.

Miracle money.

Satan and demons can actually provide miracle money. Read this true story: Demons that pay cash.

Miracle rain.

In the Book of 1 Kings, the Lord caused a drought and commanded rain to fall again (1 Kings 18:1-2). Believe me, there are some Satanists and witches who can do both. If you Google, you will find many interesting stories about traditional rainmakers.

Miracle healing.

Since some ailments are demonic in nature, Satanists and witches can make rituals that can cause demons to let free the victim. Some Christians swayed by miracles may easily believe in such Satanists as “true men of God with healing abilities”.


Be careful in your walk with Christ. Do not be easily swayed by miracles because some of them may be demonic in nature.



Demons that pay cash.



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