How the Holy Spirit actually talks to you

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How the Holy Spirit actually talks to you


By  Makko Musagara


How the Holy Spirit actually talks to you

When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, it took me many years wondering how the Holy Spirit talks to us. “Does he talk like a human being?” I always kept on wondering. Then one day something happened to me. Read below what exactly happened to me:

Title of this story: How God saved my children from a poisonous snake.

I remember one time, over the weekends after breakfast, my then young children used to play on a mat which we usually left on the lawn in the front yard of our house. On this particular Saturday as I took breakfast with my children, I heard a voice, within my thoughts, instructing me to put down my cup of tea and quickly proceed to the front yard. This was not a voice audible to my ears. It was like a talking thought. A special thought audible only to my mind and soul.

I ignored this voice and resumed sipping my tea. I thought that maybe this was a funny thought. But soon I realized this was a special thought. A divine talking thought.

As I lifted the cup again, I heard the same voice, within my thoughts, repeating the same instructions. This time I was sure this was the voice of the Holy Spirit. It was the voice of God. I immediately left my cup on the table and followed this voice. As I stood in the front yard wondering what to do, the same special thought came into my mind saying: “Always it is my children who sweep this compound. This morning I will give them a surprise as they will find it well cleaned”. I briefly stood still waiting to take action.

At that very moment another special thought followed: “I will start this cleaning by removing that mat”.    So, I proceeded to first remove the mat before sweeping.

The moment I lifted the mat I saw a long black cobra snake uncoiling from below. I quickly called Florence and we killed it before it could do any harm. Had it not been for God’s intervention, the Holy Spirit talking to me, and for my obedience, surely my children would have been bitten, by an agitated snake.

In conclusion, I can say that the Holy Spirit talks to you through special thoughts. If you continue paying attention, you will  start differentiating between your ordinary thoughts, and the voice of the Holy Spirit.




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