How your small earnings can make you very rich.

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How your small salary can make you very rich.
How your small earnings can make you very rich.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, I am about to make a statement that may shock all small earners. There is no small earning on earth. There is no small salary. There is no small wage. If you are a small earner, starting today, never complain to anyone about your small earnings. If you are employed and your salary or wage is small, do not complain anymore. If you follow the advice I am going to give you in this article, your small earnings or small salary will turn you into a very rich person.

What John the Baptist said about your small earning.

In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar—when Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea, soldiers in Judea were poorly paid. For that reason they had a habit of extorting money from civilians. Some of them heard of the good words being spoken by the man of God called John the Baptist. Many people were flocking to hear the words of wisdom being spoken by John the Baptist.  Some soldiers did the same. They went to a place where John the Baptist was preaching and asked him this question:

Man of God John, our salary in the army is very small. What shall we do? What advice do you give us?” (paraphrased from Luke 3:14).

John the Baptist told these soldiers as follows:

Do not [a]extort money from anyone or harass or blackmail anyone, and be satisfied with your wages.”  Luke 3:14 AMP.

How your small earnings, or small salary, can make you very rich.

If you want to be happy and prosperous with the little you earn, start doing only one thing. Start deducting a tithe from every small amount you earn. Put that tithe in an envelope, pray over it during your private prayer as follows.


Deduct a tithe from your small earnings and put it an envelope.


Father in Heaven, it is written in the Bible (Malachi 3: 10-12) that if I bring to you my tithe, you will bless me. Here is my tithe Lord. I bring to you this tithe from what I have earned. Father, I am taking it to your house (the church). Bless this tithe Lord. Open the doors of heaven as you promised. Give me, and my family, supernatural ideas to generate more income. Father, as you promised, prevent the Devil from stealing my finances. Bring me lasting prosperity. Let the wealth of the nations flow to me as you promised in Isaiah 66:12-13. I pray in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

After praying for that tithe, take it to your church and present it during the time for offerings and tithes. If you do not have a church, send your tithe to a trusted minister of God. Ask this minister to pray for your tithe and present it, on your behalf on God’s altar in the church.

If you do like this every time you earn money, God will bless you beyond your expectations. I have practiced this, and it perfectly works.




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