Identifying the marriage partner God has chosen for you

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Identifying the marriage partner God has chosen for you
Identifying the marriage partner God has chosen for you.



Makko Musagara



Is it possible to identify the person chosen by God to be your enduring marriage partner? Yes, it is possible, and in this video I show you how Heavenly Father can help you make that identification.





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  1. Naisaza Agnes

    So sad to say this but one day I visited a certain prophet and inquired from him whether the boyfriend I was dating was my future husband.
    Fortunately I was told him and I were meant to be and he was my future soulmate.
    So absad to say this, just at the verge of finishing my degree I conceived. Was scared but my fiancee encouraged me of how he was to stand by my side come what may. To cut the story short everything messed up. We are nolonger together.
    And am living a single mother life
    Sometimes I sit down and wonder whether he was really my future promised husband or it was a LIE.
    I really need him back but I even don’t know how to do it cause apparently we are living in different worlds. Perhaps Was he really my future husband

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