Jacob never stole blessings

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Jacob never stole blessings
Jacob never stole blessings


By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, many Christians believe that Jacob stole blessings from Esau. This is not true. As you are about to see, Jacob never stole blessings. He claimed what belonged to him.

God’s prophecy

When Rebecca was pregnant with the twins, the babies jostled each other within her. When she inquired of the Lord, a prophecy was given that she had twins and the older (the one who would be born first) would serve the younger (the one who would be born last). When the time came to give birth, Esau was born first and Jacob later. This meant, according to God’s prophecy, that Jacob would be more blessed than Esau. Therefore Jacob never stole blessings.

Isaac’s mistake

It appears Isaac was not aware of God’s prophecy and he was acting according to tradition. He wanted to pass on his blessings to his older son Esau, which action contradicted God’s plans.  God’s plan was to bless Jacob more than Esau. According to this plan, Jacob was supposed to be stronger.

Rebecca did the right thing

When Rebecca heard Isaac’s intention to pass on his blessings to Esau, she knew that this action was contradictory to God’s plans in Heaven. She made sure it was Jacob who was blessed, not Esau. She was acting according to God’s plans.

Esau was the thief

From the reasoning above, you can see that it was Esau who was actually the thief. He wanted to possess what belonged to his younger brother Jacob. Jacob claimed what belonged to him.

Claim what belongs to you.

The Lord has given you many prophecies of blessings concerning your life. But, like Jacob’s blessings were about to go to Esau, many of your blessings have gone into the hands of the Devil. This is now the right time to claim your blessings. Pray every day that God restores whatever the Devil and demons have stolen from you.



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