Jesus Christ is crying for his Church

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Jesus Christ is crying for his Church
Jesus Christ is weeping because of the many churches that are leading their followers to Hell.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, the news I have is not good at all. Our Lord Jesus Christ is weeping all the time. Jesus is weeping because he is seeing many churches leading their followers to Hell, instead of directing them to Heaven. Jesus Christ is crying for his Church

Three main reasons why Jesus is weeping.


The first reason Jesus Christ is weeping is that some churches today have been taken over by the Devil. These churches are sending their faithful followers to Hell.

Instead of removing the heavy burdens from their followers, these churches are instead loading innocent Christians with very heavy burdens that are leading these followers to Hell.

These churches are focusing on worldly things instead of directing people to Heaven.

Ordinary Christians.

Jesus Christ is weeping because of the ordinary Christians. They have been blinded by Satan and worldly things. They are no longer focusing on Heaven.

They have allowed Satan to enter their lives and, without their knowledge, these Christians are slowly walking to Hell.

Jesus remembers the pains of the cross.

What hurts Jesus Christ most is what he went through at the cross. Jesus remembers how he was beaten. Jesus remembers how he was ridiculed and humiliated. How he was stripped of his clothes.

How he was nailed on the cross. How his body was hung on the cross. How his body was pieced, and his head was torn by sharp thorns.

And Jesus keeps on remembering how he finally died, so that all our sins are taken away.


Why did I suffer, and die for these people?


Jesus Christ is asking, as he weeps uncontrollably.


Make  Jesus Christ Smile.

You can make make Jesus Christ smile if you do these three things.

  1. Focus on Jesus Christ and heavenly things.
  2. Read the written word of God in the Bible daily, and do what it tells you to do.
  3. Stay away from from sin.




Prayer that blocks Satan.


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