My tithing testimony

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My tithing testimony
My tithing testimony



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, after my salvation, I was very good at contributing towards our church projects and the well-being of our pastor. As a result, I neglected tithing thinking my tithe was covered in my financial contributions to the church. Despite my efforts towards the church, I struggled financially and I kept on wondering why.

Then one day a man of God visited my home. During prayer time he closed his eyes as I and my wife sat near him. He said: “This is what the Lord says: you would have been a very rich man but you are not tithing”. From this man of God I understood that tithing is different from church contributions. A tithe is ten percent of your financial earnings (or call it financial profits). It does not belong to you but belongs to God. It is God’s money. You are not the one who decides how it should be used for church work. It is your church that decides how your tithe is used. When you use it for other purposes then you have robbed God of His money. You have to separate the tithe from all your other finances and take it to your church so that there is money to promote God’s Kingdom. Your responsibility on the tithe stops when you put it in the offertory. God has seen you bringing it and He will bless you. When you bring the tithe to the house of God, you are not enriching your pastor.  Instead, you are fulfilling your responsibility towards God.

Turn around in my finances.

When I started tithing, I gradually saw a turn-around in my finances. People who owed me money started paying me without my reminding them, my employer started nominating me for foreign travel, I started getting supernatural ideas that brought in more money, and many other good things.



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