This is the major sign that God is about to answer your prayer

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Alt=This is the major sign that God is about to answer your prayer
This is the major sign that God is about to answer your prayer




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, our Father in Heaven is always faithful to the prayers of many Christians.  Unfortunately many Christians cannot tell that God is about to answer their prayers. They end up spoiling God’s blessings from heaven. This article presents to you a major sign that God is about to answer your prayer.

The sign of unexpected trouble.

You may not think this is a big sign, but it’s the real truth. Usually, when a praying Christian encounters unexpected difficulties, he should know that God is about to answer his prayers.

Just when you are about to get God’s answer, the Devil introduces unexpected problems into your life, making you doubt God. Satan wants you to lose your faith in God so that the answer to your prayer goes astray.

When you lose faith, it can be very difficult for God’s blessings to come to you.

Satan sees God’s answers to praying Christians.

The Devil sees God’s answers to praying Christians as a bright light from heaven descending on that particular person. As a result, the devil will send problems into that person’s life so that he doubts God. It is doubt that cancels heavenly blessings.     .

See what happened when God was about to answer the prayers of the Israelites in Egypt.

The children of Israel in Egypt had prayed for hundreds of years. They prayed that God delivers them from the cruelity of the Egyptians. Then, as God was about to deliver the Israelites, the unexpected happened.

First, many Israelite babies were killed (Exodus 1:22) and, secondly, the Egyptian slave masters doubled the workload for Isralites (Exodus 5:6-9)!

Satan arranged all these hardships so that the Israelites would lose their faith in God. The Devil did not want God’s answer to reach the Israelites.

What to do when you see unexpected problems.

When you see unexpected problems, know that God’s answer to your prayers is on the way. Intensify your prayers and increase your faith instead of giving up.

As you do this, you will soon see God’s answer to your prayers.



One major sign showing that God is about to answer your prayer.


Prayer that blocks Satan.



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