Only one earthquake-proof building on earth

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Only one earthquake-proof building on earth

The only earthquake-proof building on earth.


By  Makko Musagara


The only earthquake-proof building on earth.

When an earthquake occurs, it sends shockwaves throughout the ground in short rapid intervals in all different directions. This horizontal load vibrates walls, floors, columns, beams and the connectors that hold them together. This leads to the collapse of structurally firm buildings, including skyscrapers. Even though engineers have tried to counter these forces by using earthquake-resistant materials, creating flexible foundations, using vibrational control devices, shielding buildings from vibrations, and reinforcing the structure of buildings, I regret to say that so far, there is only one earthquake-proof building on earth.

Stronger earthquakes coming.

The strongest earthquake ever reported on earth (9.5) is nothing compared to those that are coming. No scale on earth will be able to measure the magnitude of these coming earthquakes, for they will be ranging from the scale of 20 (on the current Richter scale) upwards!                                                   .

Jesus predicted the coming mega earthquakes.

Do you see all the very tall skyscrapers in the world? As Jesus will be on his way returning on earth, all these structures will crumble (Mathew 24:2). The coming mega earthquakes will be a sign of Jesus‘s second coming and they will leave no man-made building standing on earth (Luke 21:11, Mathew  24:7Mark 13:8, ).

Many will faint to death.

The major cause of death from the coming mega earthquakes will not be collapsing buildings, rather it will be the thunderous tremors no human being has ever felt before. These tremors will pull life out of every human being starting with the most fearful.

The only earthquake-proof building.

The only persons who will not be affected by the coming mega earthquakes are those who have put all their faith and built all their trust in Jesus Christ. This is the earthquake-proof building I am talking about. Tremors will come but they will not be shaken or afraid. All other people will be running away to hide, but not those who have put their faith Jesus.

Only one earthquake-proof building on earth
Anyone who has built their trust and faith in Jesus Christ will  be at peace. They will not be affected by the tremors of the coming mega-earthquakes.



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  1. john badlyon

    I am a vicar and love this website so much because it speaks the truth can you send me weekly emails with your latest revelations please?

    • Makko Musagara

      Dear Vicar, thank you for you kind comment. Currently I have another assignment from God. I don’t know when I will resume writing.


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