Pray for your toilet room

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Alt=Pray for your toilet room
Pray for your toilet room.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, in one of my articles I told you about the demon that we cast out of my niece. While leaving, this demon started an invisible motorcycle that was parked in our toilet and left our house. Interestingly, we heard the sound of the motorbike but we did not see the motorbike in its physical form!

In this article I can confirm that of all the rooms in your house, the one that demons use the most to connect from the dark world is the bathroom. Every Christian should always pray for their toilets to close the portal to demonic entry into their buildings.


Toilet rooms are like airports.



Just as cemeteries provide a portal for witches and occultists to connect to the  demonic world, toilets provide a portal for the demonic world to connect to inhabited buildings, especially residences.

Toilets are like airports.

Within the supernatural realm, toilets are like international airports where some demons from Satan’s kingdom land, while others from your house take off.

Through my experience in spiritual warfare I have realized that evil spirits are more likely to be in the toilet room than any other room of the house.

Closing the toilet portal.

How do you close this portal from the demon world to your home? It’s simple. If you have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, you can prevent demons from using your toilet as a portal by applying the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Start with the Our Father. Then cite Revelation 12:10-11 where it says,


They triumphed over him
by the blood of the Lamb


Speak the blood of Jesus into both palms of your hands, then use your hands to cover the blood of Jesus all over your toilet, especially the windows and floor.

Get into the habit of praying like this before going to bed, because demons are more active at night. I practice this every night and every time I do it I get a good night’s sleep and no longer feel any demon presence in the toilet.



Pray for your toilet room


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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