President as God

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President as God
President as God


By Makko Musagara


President as God.

Dear reader, you may not believe this but it is true. In your dreams while you are sleeping, God may not appear as you expect Him to be. He may not appear as an old man over the clouds with a long white beard seated on a heavenly throne; He may not appear as a bright light or a burning bush fire; He may not appear as a lightning thunder. No. God can actually appear to you in dreams as the President or the Head of State of your country. Your President may appear as God in your dreams.

How God appears to me in dreams

Ever since God called me to ministry, about thirty years ago, God has most times appeared to me as the President of my country. I remember when God was calling me to ministry, I first had a dream of our President telling me “Makko I want to give you a job

Another time God asked me to look after some of His ministers that visited our country. Just before this assignment I dreamed when our President was handing over to me a big white kettle as He said “Always prepare tea for my people“. I asked our President: “This kettle is so big, where will I get the money to buy the milk, sugar, and other things?” The President replied: “Do not worry, I will always provide“. Then I woke up from this prophetic dream.

Another time I had done something at my place of work that did not please God. That very night, in a dream, I saw our President seated in the Office of my Director but he was looking at me angrily. When I suddenly woke up from that dream I knew God was angry over what I had done the previous day. I immediately jumped out of my bed, knelt down, and went into a prayer of repentance.

Learn God’s language of dreams.

Dear reader, I request you to start learning and mastering God’s language of dreams. If you do this, it will be very easy for you know the different ways God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit appear to you in dreams. You will do His will and you will not miss Heaven.



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