Pure water is a good sign in God’s Kingdom

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Alt=Pure water is a good sign in God's Kingdom
Pure water is a good sign in God’s Kingdom.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, if you ever see clean, pure water in a dream or supernatural vision, know for sure that God is pleased with you. The sign of pure, clean water means that the Holy Spirit is already very close or already within you. Stop whatever you are doing and start worshiping God.

Pure water cleanses your life.

A dream or supernatural vision of pure water means that your life is purified. The Holy Spirit within you removes all impurities and sins from your life.

You have found favor with God.

Pure water means that you have found favor with God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Pure water symbolizes holiness.

Also, thank God when you see pure, clean water because holiness has come into your life.

Pure water symbolizes eternal life.

When you see pure water in a dream or supernatural vision, know with certainty that you are moving away from ordinary life into the eternal life only given by our Lord Jesus Christ.

My own experience of pure water.

One day I was reading God’s word in the Bible when I slowly fell asleep holding the Bible in my hands. During this short nap, something supernatural happened.

I had a dream in which I saw myself near a huge reservoir filled with pure water. Then I saw myself holding a small container drawing pure water from the huge tank.

We are vessels of God.

God has made us his vessels destined to be pure and sanctified. As vessels of God, we are not meant to be empty. If we stay away from sin, then we keep our vessels clean and sanctified. Jesus Christ will begin to fill our containers with pure, clean water symbolizing the Holy Spirit who gives us eternal life.



Pure water is a good sign in God’s Kingdom.



Prayer that blocks Satan.

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