Satan can present your clothes before God!

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Alt=Satan can present your clothes before God!
Satan can present your clothes before God!




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find it difficult to believe this, but it is true.  Satan can present your clothes before God! In fact, there is Biblical reference to the fact I am about to tell you.

Satan is always accusing Christians before God in Heaven.

As you may know, the Devil, who is Satan, is always accusing Christians before God in Heaven. In a supernatural vision, the Lord showed me two Bible verses to proove that Satan is always accusing Christians before God.

The first scripture God showed me was Job 1:9-10.   In that Scripture, Satan presented himself before God in Heaven and he started accusing Job before God. The devil needed God’s permission so that he could torment Job, and eventually drive him to hell.

The second Scripture God showed me was Revelation 12:10.  The Lord explained to me that day and night Satan is accusing Christians before God in Heaven. Satan will continue accusing Christians until God stops him from accessing Heaven as indicated in Revelation 12:10.

The devil can present your clothes before God.

As a matter of fact, as Satan makes  accusations against Christians, he is always looking for evidence to present before God. If you are a Christian, and you don’t repent of your sins, Satan will present before God the exact clothes you were wearing as you committed a particular sin.





Here is what the Bible says.

In the book of Genesis chapter 38, the Bible talks about a clever widow (Tamar) who disguised herself, and slept with an unsuspecting honorable man of God (Judah). This man was actually her Father in Law.

Without knowing that he was sleeping with his daughter in law, Judah surrendered to her his seal, his cord, and the staff that was in his hand.

As a result of this secret sexual relationship, Tamar became pregnant and everyone wondered whose pregnancy it was since she was a widow. When Judah tried to deny that this was his pregnancy, all Tamar had to do was to produce Judahs seal, cord, and staff.

With this proof, everyone in the city was conviced that the pregnancy was indeed Judah’s.

This is what will happen on God’s Judgment Day.

Unknowingly for many people, Satan is keeping samples of clothes that many Christians were wearing as they committed particular sins.

On judgement day Satan will present these clothes as proof  before God. The devil will urgue that these Christianss do not deserve to enter Heaven.

Only repentence can burn these clothes.

The only way you can get rid of these clothes, so that Satan does not use them, is by repenting deep in your heart, using the blood of Jesus Christ.

During this repentance, you have to tell God that you will not commit that sin again. If you truly repent before our Heavenly Father, the devil will not use your clothes against you on Judgement Day.




Prayer that blocks Satan.




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