Satan has no friends

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Alt=Satan has no friends
Satan has no friends.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, our Lord Jesus Christ has billions of friends but Satan has no friends. This article explains why Satan has no friends.

Satan has been destroying his disciples.

Jesus gave life to all his faithful disciples. This is not the case with Satan. First, over the years Satan has killed all of his faithful deputies, helpers, commanders, principalities, authorities, rulers, and powers of darkness. Additionally, Satan has killed thousands of his followers on earth.


You serve Satan at your own risk.


This is for all who currently serve Satan and those who intend to join Satan’s kingdom. You serve Satan at your own risk because he can kill you at any time.

The story of Satan.

In fact, most people don’t know much about Satan because they were born recently. On the contrary, Satan has been operating in the world for thousands of years. Jesus Christ knows Satan very well because Jesus was there before Satan was kicked out of heaven.

It is from his knowledge that Jesus confidently said that Satan only knows three things:


1.Stealing 2. Killing and 3. Destroying.

John 10:10


Why Satan has no friends.

Satan has no friends for two reasons. The first reason is that when he gives tasks, Satan wants his subjects to comply one hundred percent. He doesn’t want any of his subjects to fail. For example, if he orders his subject to kill ten human beings in a week, that mission must be accomplished successfully or you risk destruction.

The second reason Satan has no friends is because he fears that his friends will join the Kingdom of God.

Switch to Jesus Christ now.

If you serve Satan and are reading this article now, you know who Satan is. You better follow Jesus Christ before Satan destroys you.





Prayer that blocks Satan.

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