Satan has placed his trusted agents in many maternity wards.

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Alt=Satan has placed his trusted agents in many maternity wards.
Satan has placed his trusted agents in many maternity wards.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, you will not find what you are about to read in any medical publication. This article is spiritual and shows you why Satan has placed his trusted agents in many maternity wards.

Satan’s most delicious food.

Before we go any further, you need to know what Satan’s most delicious food is. The tastiest Devil’s Food is not the type of food you find in the best hotels or fast food restaurants in your country. Satan’s most delicious food is actually human blood.

Why Satan loves maternity wards.

The devil loves maternity wards because he finds the blood of babies to be the most appetizing and enticing. Additionally, Satan finds the blood of babies to be the most delicious, therefore most suitable for the king of all demons. When Satan drinks the blood of a baby, he feels energized and his life is rejuvenated.

He suddenly feels like a young man full of power and vigor that he so badly needs. In fact, according to Satan, the power of a newborn’s blood is equivalent to that of twenty human adults. Therefore, the devil and demons will do whatever it takes to get the blood of babies.


The blood of newborns brings the greatest wealth.


For anyone seeking abundant wealth, Satan will ask them to bring the blood of a newborn baby. This means bringing a live baby to be sacrificed to the devil. According to Satan’s kingdom, the blood of chickens, goats and bulls cannot generate as much wealth as the blood of a newborn baby.

Satan has agents in many maternity wards.

If you are unfamiliar with the spiritual realm, you may find it hard to believe what I am about to tell you. Satan has his trusted agents in most maternity wards around the world. These agents can take the form of specific satanic doctors, nurses, attendants, and cleaners. They are the ones who identify which newborn will be offered to Satan.

Every baby offered to Satan will die.

Indeed, any newborn offered to the devil will die. This baby dies during delivery or shortly after the mother returns home. The body of the dead baby is not taken because Satan is only interested in the baby’s blood.


Only babies protected by Jesus are spared.


Finally, you should know that the only babies who survive Satan are those who are protected by Jesus Christ. This is why you should pray fervently for any pregnant friend who is about to give birth. In fact, Satan hates the blood of babies protected by Jesus because this blood burns and tastes like very hot fire.




Prayer that blocks Satan.


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