Satan sees your blessings coming from heaven.

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Alt=Satan sees your blessings coming from heaven.
Satan sees your blessings coming from heaven.




  Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may not believe it, but it’s true. Satan is always watching on his screens which Christian is about to receive God’s blessings. After identifying these Christians, he will do everything to prevent them from accessing these heavenly blessings on Earth.

What heavenly blessings look like in the supernatural.

Satan operates primarily in the supernatural. So how can he say that God’s heavenly blessings are coming to a particular Christian? The Devil sees God’s blessings as a bright white light slowly descending from heaven to a particular Christian on earth.

The brighter the glow, the greater the blessing. An ordinary person who cannot tap into the supernatural cannot see this celestial radiance. This is exactly how the wise men were able to recount the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ who was mightily blessed by our Heavenly Father (Matthew 2:1-12).

Unlike ordinary people like King Herod, who could not see anything in the spiritual realm, the magi had the ability to connect to the supernatural world and they saw a bright light (which looked like a bright star) slowly descend from the sky towards the exact location. place where Jesus Christ was born.

Satan fights God’s blessings.

In the Garden of Eden, the devil saw the abundant blessings that came from heaven to Adam and Eve. The devil saw eternal life coming to this couple. Satan saw easy lives, without toil, without worry, without suffering or illness, descending from heaven on Adam and Eve. The devil saw unhindered communication with God and Heaven coming to this blessed couple. Satan fought until he succeeded in preventing these blessings from descending on Adam and Eve.

How Satan hinders your blessings.

Most of the time, the devil uses a very simple trick to hinder your heavenly blessings. Since the Garden of Eden, Satan has realized that while he can make you sin against God, you will never obtain your heavenly blessings. This is the same trick the Devil still uses today.

Christians today live like beggars.

Many Christians today have been destined by God to live as kings and queens. They were believed to be major contributors to the expansion of God’s Kingdom on Earth. Satan saw their blessings coming down from heaven and caused these Christians to fall into sin. It is primarily sin that has kept God’s heavenly blessings from entering the lives of these Christians.

Walk away from sin.

Dear reader, if you have already accepted Jesus Christ into your heart, your heavenly blessings have already been sent from Heaven. Stay away from sin, especially sexual immorality, pornography, anger, bitterness, hatred, revenge, refusing to forgive others, lying, refusing to tithe and other sins mentioned in the Bible.





Prayer that blocks Satan.


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  1. Naisaza Agnes

    Each time about to achieve something greater in my life I have seen the devil relentlessly fighting and hindering me from achieving it. This year I am supposed to finish my Bachelors but I have seen so many obstacles that the devil has laid be4 me all to obstruct me from achieving my degree , but I have a strong faith that if I do continue to hold onto God, I will finally graduate and accomplish my dreams amidst all the trials. Come what May, No weapon formed against me shall prosper

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