Satan’s battle for Souls

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Satan's battle for Souls
Satan’s battle for Souls



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, there is a battle raging on you may know nothing about. It the battle between God and Satan for human souls. Who will win this battle? Read more to find out.

Currently Satan has the upper hand.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and for that reason I am on God’s side. But I regret to inform all Christians that the Devil currently has the upper hand as far as winning souls is concerned. You may not believe this, but it is true. Currently more humans go to Hell than those going to Heaven. If you were walking on the street and started counting, only three out of the ten persons you find will make it to Heaven. The rest are destined for Hell.

Why more souls are going to Hell.

Jesus gave the reason why more persons are going to Hell than in Heaven. It is because the harvest is great, but the workers are very few. Very many individuals want to know about Jesus Christ but no one is going to them.  Instead of going out to evangelize, many Christians are warming their chairs in Church. Instead of organizing crusades and evangelistic missions, most pastors are concentrating on the already converted souls in their churches.

God’s End-Time trick.

Satan thinks he is winning the battle for souls, but God has set up a trick for him. God is using the strategy of Extra Time. Jesus would have returned already to pick up his own, but God has delayed him.  God is asking all believers to get out of their comfortable seats and go out to evangelize. He has assured all who go out into the field that He will be with them. He will send out His Spirit to them to help them harvest as many souls as they can. If you are willing, then more souls will be won during this Extra Time than any other time before. You will put God on the winning side.



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Satan’s days are now numbered.




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