Satan’s endless burdens

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Satan's endless burdens
Satan’s endless burdens



By  Makko Musagara


Satan’s endless burdens

If you knowingly or unknowingly connect to the  Devil  and his kingdom, then be sure your problems will never end – until you totally surrender your life to Jesus Christ. By connecting I mean activities that directly open up your life to the entry of demons. In this post I talk of Satan’s endless burdens.

Satan has no permanent solution.

Unlike Jesus Christ, the Devil will never give you a permanent solution to your problems. He may take away one problem, then in exchange he will leave you with two burdens. The end will always be death.

Judas Iscariot

The Bible  tells us that Judas Iscariot developed betrayal ideas so Satan entered him and took control of him  (Luke 22:3). When he was approached by the enemies of Jesus, he easily agreed to their evil proposal of arresting Jesus Christ. You may think that Judas may have got a promotion in Satan’s kingdom. This was not the case. The Devil ended up killing Judas (Mathew 27:5).

After using you, the Devil will kill you.

If you make any covenant with Satan through contacts with his agents, he will use you to promote his kingdom. Finally he will get rid of you so that you don’t expose his secrets

The end is Hell

Satan knows he will never enter Heaven. For that reason he wants all his agents to perish with him in Hell.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


Start cleaning your heart for Jesus Christ.


Satan’s costly offers


These words will calm any danger.


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