Satan’s spirit of discouragement

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Alt=Satan's spirit of discouragement
Satan’s spirit of discouragement.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, I am very sure about my next statement. God has always wanted you to do great things in his Kingdom, but the Devil keeps on discouraging you. By now you would have achieved more than what you have, but Satan has always attacked you using demons of discouragement.

How Satan operates.

The Devil has a whole department of demons that specialize in discouraging Christians. As soon as you think of starting something great, these demons will attack you. They put into your mind a spirit of discouragement. They also use other people to discourage you.

They make you think that the ideas God has put in your mind are impossible to implement. Years later you regret why you never implemented what God told you to do.

Rebuilding the fallen walls of Jerusalem.

While in exile, God inspired Nehemiah to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the fallen walls of that holy city. As soon as Nehemiah and other exiles returned to Jerusalem to do what God had told them, they faced a lot of discouragement.

Demons of discouragement attacked them through Tobiah and his friends who were against rebuilding the wall. Hear what Tobiah and his friends said:


What they are building—even a fox climbing up on it would break down their wall of stones!


Nehemiah 4:3



As soon as you feel like implementing the great ideas God has given you, Satan may discourage you through your friends. They will prevent you from undertaking the great ideas God has put in your mind.


The Devil may attack you using your enemies. They will speak negative words that will prevent you from implementing the good things God has put in your mind.

Prayer will move you forward.

Constant prayer will give you success. Pray every time you sense demons of discouragement. Bind the spirits of discouragement and cast them out of your mind. Ask our Father in Heaven to always give you a spirit of determination. This is exactly what Nehemiah did (see Nehemiah 4:9).




Prayer that blocks Satan.

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