Saying “Sorry” shuts out so many demons

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Saying "Sorry" shuts out so many demons
Saying “Sorry” shuts out so many demons.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, many Christians are suffering with demonic attacks because they refused saying “Sorry“. Others are right now being tormented in Hell because they left this world without saying “Sorry” to someone. In this article I show you how saying “Sorry” shuts out so many demons out of your life.

A mistaken belief.

I have heard some Christians, especially men, saying they will never apologize to anyone. Such Christians believe that saying “Sorry” makes them weak. In reality, what they are saying is the opposite. Refusing to say “Sorry” makes you a very weak person. You are vulnerable to attacks by thousands of demons.

Saying “Sorry” makes you a very strong Christian. You close all doors demons would have used to attack you.

How Satan and demons operate.

Satan and demons always wait for any spiritual doors to open in the lives of Christians. One way these doors open is through anger and unresolved conflicts. As soon as demons see such open doors, they will come in great numbers and attack that Christian. The affected Christian will end up with sickness, financial difficulties, marital problems, and other social challenges. Some of these situations may ultimately lead that Christian to Hell.

Saying “Sorry” shuts out so many demons.

When you say “Sorry“, you close the doors demons would have used to attack you. You will no longer be haunted by Satan.

Father in Heaven will be happy.

When you say “Sorry”, then you have done exactly what our Father in Heaven wants.  His mighty hand will move quickly to hold you from descending into Hell.

Saying sorry takes away anger.

When you say sorry, anger, especially that of your opponent, will vanish. You will be saved from descending into eternal suffering.


Medical doctors sometimes fail to diagnose illnesses affecting some Christians. They are not aware that such illnesses are demonic in nature because the affected Christian refused to say “Sorry” to someone.


Pride will always work to drag you into Hell. Saying “Sorry” shows that you are a humble person. God will bless you for your humility.





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