Six dangers of using love spells

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Alt=Six dangers of using love spells
Six dangers of using love spells.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find it hard to believe this, but it is the truth. The  romance world is so competitive that love spells are used more frequently than you might imagine.

In this article I show you the six dangers of using love spells, and what a person can do about it..

Love spells originate from Satan’s kingdom.

First, our Father in Heaven has never been the author of love spells or sexual immorality. It is for this reason that all love spells used in this world are manufactured in the devil’s kingdom.

When a person uses a love spell, it means that person is dealing directly with Satan and demons.

Making a covenant with Satan.

Second, acquiring a love spell compels a person to make a lasting covenant with the devil and demons. Many prayers, and a lot of fasting, will be needed to free that person.

Initiating your lover into the dark world.

Furthermore, when you administer a love spell to your lover, then you have unknowingly bound and initiated that person into the kingdom of Satan.

That person may experience spiritual as well as financial problems, and will need a lot of prayers to be delivered.

Demons will attack you.

Also, a person using love spells will always attract demons of lust, sexual immorality, sickness, financial problems, as well as death.

The lover will be kept in bondage.

Persons using love spells always keep their lovers in spiritual, financial, as well as social bondage. Their lovers may never experience happiness, prosperity, and good health.

You will never enter Heaven.

A person using love spells will never be allowed to enter the gates of heaven. God’s angels will quote Revelation 21:8 to that person and afterwards direct him to the road leading to hell.

Hell is the destiny.

Satan will claim ownership of anyone using love spells, and after that person leaves this world, the devil will drag him to live and suffer in hell for ever.

Jesus Christ can set you free.

If you ask God our Father for forgiveness, and put your trust in Jesus Christ, all your sins will be washed away and you will  lead a new life led by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.





Six dangers of using love spells.



Prayer that blocks Satan.



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