Stay away from public attention.

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Makko Musagara




Dear reader, I have seen something that is hurting the Kingdom of God. There are ministers of God who will have sleepless nights if a week passes without any media channel talking good about them. These ministers are obsessed with becoming famous. The Lord has asked me to tell serious Christians involved in ministry to focus on God’s work instead of constantly seeking public attention.

Jesus Christ avoided publicity.

When you examine the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, you will realize that he always avoided publicity, as these two scriptures indicate:


Jesus warned them sternly, “See that no one knows about this”


Matthew 9:29-30


Then Jesus said to him, “See that you don’t tell anyone”.


Matthew 8:3-4


The dangers of seeking public attention.

You seek to glorify your name instead of God’s.

When you glorify your name on earth, then you forget God our Father who assigned your ministry to you.

You lose some of your rewards in Heaven.

When you seek publicity on Earth, it means you seek recognition from man rather than from God. Earthly gratitude will rob you of your heavenly rewards.

Public attention will expose you.

The more public attention you seek, the more people will know about your personal life, your mistakes and your weaknesses.

Satan will fight to bring you down.

When you seek public attention, know that Satan will always fight to bring you down.


When you seek public attention, you indirectly provoke the jealousy of your fellow ministers of God and your enemies. They will fight to hold you back.

You are wasting resources.

When you seek publicity, you waste a lot of financial resources that would have been used to win lost souls into the Kingdom of God.

Inviting curses and hell.

When you seek publicity, you unknowingly invite curses into your life. You are also inviting Hell to come closer to your life.

Stay away from seeking publicity.

If you want to be at peace, the Lord advises you to stay away from public attention. It’s better to focus on the work God has assigned you in His Kingdom.

If you follow this advice, you will achieve peace of heart and great rewards in Heaven.



Stay away from public attention.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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