Stop looking at people.

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Stop looking at people.
Stop looking at people.



By  Makko Musagara


Stop looking at people.

Dear reader, you are on a journey that will finally lead you to Heaven.

If you want to be successful in this journey, I am pleading with you to do one thing:  Stop looking at people, especially fellow believers, because many will create hurdles that may prevent your entry into Heaven.

The wickedness of human beings.

Most human beings, even if they say they are followers of Jesus Christ, are naturally wicked.

Many may not want you to perform better or achieve more than they do. They do not want you to succeed to the next level. They may not want your contribution to God’s Kingdom here on earth and instead work to hinder your progress.

The criticism of Jesus.

If you read the four Gospels in the Bible, you will find that those who criticized Jesus’s ministry on earth most were not the non-believers; they were fellow workers in God’s Kingdom who were supposed to preach God’s laws.

Instead of supporting Jesus, the Pharisees were always against him thinking they knew God’s laws better than he did.

Hurdles laid by fellow Christians.

As you work to fulfill God’s assignment upon your life, you will discover that most hurdles in your way are laid by fellow Christians, some in the very church you regularly attend.

They will criticize, back-bite, back-stab, falsely accuse, and utter words meant to hinder your ministry and spiritual progress.

Stop looking at people and look at God.

If you want to progress on your journey to Heaven, then stop looking at people around you and focus your attention to God our Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Stop doing works to be seen or to be appreciated by people. Whatever you do in God’s Kingdom, do it to please God, not human beings.

Do not pray to be seen by people, but to be seen and heard by God (Mathew 6:5-6). Do not give to gain people’s attention, but to be appreciated by God (Mathew 6:3-4).

Only God rewards you.

The other reason you must focus your attention on God is that no human being will ever reward you for your contribution to God’s Kingdom.

Only God will reward you for your salvation and any work you do to expand his Kingdom on earth.




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