Storms of life resulting from being in the wrong place.

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Alt=Storms of life resulting from being in the wrong place.
Storms of life resulting from being in the wrong place.





Makko Musagara





Dear reader, many Christians pray, tithe, fast, attend church, and contribute much to the expansion of God’s Kingdom, but Heavenly Father cannot answer their prayers for one simple reason. They are in the wrong places, where God does not want them to be. They face the storms of life because they are in the wrong place.

My wife’s story.

About twenty-five years ago, my wife told me she wanted to open a large business in our town. Her vision was to become a very rich and powerful businesswoman. I wanted to ask her if she had consulted the Lord about this adventure. Later I hesitated because I did not want to appear as an obstacle to this project.  As the business my wife wanted required a significant cash investment, I secured a bank loan to give her a great start. The new merchandise store was located on a busy street in our town’s commercial center.

A few months after opening this store, my wife realized something was wrong. All the stores nearby attracted a lot of buyers, except her’s! We prayed about this problem, but the best she got was one or two buyers a day! She spent most of the day sleeping behind the counter. Then one day she prayed like this:


Lord, this is really unfair. I pray, attend church, tithe, and contribute to our church projects. How come the unbelievers all around my store attract more buyers than me?


A few days later, the Lord answered him through a lady prophet who told him the following:


The Lord is telling you that you are in the wrong place. You are reaping the storms of being in the wrong place. You need to close this shop and go to the right place where the Lord wants you to be.



It was the only option for my wife. She had to close the merchandise store and go to her home district where the Lord had directed her to begin the work of Christian ministry.

Always consult the Lord.

From my wife’s experience, I realized that before any Christian does anything new in life, they should first consult the Lord to know if it is His will for them. If this consultation does not take place, then many Christians will find themselves in the midst of storms of life resulting from being in the wrong place.




Prayer that blocks Satan.

Satan’s very heavy presence.


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