Talk to God now!

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Talk to God now!


By Makko Musagara


Talk to God now!

Dear reader, are you in good health? Are you a free person? Are you able to talk freely? Then I ask you to do one thing. Start talking to God right now! I am going to tell you the reasons why.

An accident is happening right now.

As you read this article, an accident is happening somewhere in the world. There is a person involved in this accident who is still breathing but cannot talk anymore.

That person cannot call on the name of the Lord for help. If that person dies in sin, he will have no opportunity to repent. He will go to Hell direct.

If you are able to talk, why don’t you start talking to God right now, asking for forgiveness and eternal life?

Someone is seriously sick now.

If you visited any large hospital near you, and you were given an opportunity to go round the wards, you will see many patients who are so sick that they are unable to talk.

They cannot call on the name of God for forgiveness. So, if you are able to talk now, why don’t you talk to God right now?

A funeral taking place right now. 

As you read this sentence, a funeral is taking place for a person who never had the opportunity to talk to God or Jesus Christ just before death. This person may be heading to Hell. So, if you are able, why don’t you talk to God right now?

Someone in a restricted environment.

At this very moment there is someone who has no freedom of talking like you do. This person may be behind bars, in torture chambers, or in a restricted environment.

He cannot talk to God or call on the name of Jesus Christ. So, if you are a  free person, I plead with you to start talking to God right now.

Call on the Name of Jesus Christ because it is written in Romans 10:13  that:

 ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.[a



Choose Heaven!




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