Ten signs of witchcraft attack.

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Alt=Ten signs of witchcraft attack.
Ten signs of witchcraft attack.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, witchcraft is real and it can have negative impact upon you, your family, and your properties. This article  presents to you ten signs of witchcraft attack.

1. Unexplained sickness.

First, witchcraft can cause uneplained sickness. You just find yourself, or your family member fall sick with no explainable medical reason.

When you observe such sickness, you need to immediately enter into prayer and fasting to overcome all the attacking demonic forces.

2. Nightmares.

Second, witchcraft attacks can cause nightmares. With such bad dreams, the victim finds himself being attacked by strange beings and animals, especially serpents.

3. Mental breakdown.

Sometimes witchcraft attack can cause mental breakdown in some people. In such circumstances the victim exibits hallutinations, nightmares, violent reactions, and undressing.

4. Accidents.

Fourth, witchcraft attack can cause all sorts accidents. Many of the road accidents you see are actually a result of witchcraft attacks.


Alt=Ten signs of witchcraft attack.



5. Mechanical breakdowns.

Additionally, witchcraft attack can cause the breakdown of machines, vehicles and aircrafts. In such circumstances demonic forces are so powerful that they can bend or break even the strongest metal you can think of.

6. The breaking of household items.

Also, witchcraft attack can cause the breaking of household items. In such situations, demonic forces  can shake a glass or a ceramic plate out of your hands and it falls on the floor.


Alt=Ten signs of witchcraft attack.
The breaking of household items.


7. Sickly home plants.

I recall one time I was under witchcraft attack and one day I discovered that one of my garden plants that was doing well suddenly dried up and its beautiful  young fruits died. Therefore, sickly home plants can be a sign of witchcraft attack.

8. Death.

In some cases, witchcraft attack can actually lead to death. I have personally seen many deaths resulting from witchcraft attacks. In such situations, demons drink all the blood from corpses.

9. Unexplained fires.

Furthermore, witchcraft attack can cause unexplained fires. Such fires can destroy vehicles and large buildings.


Unexplained fires.


10. The mysterious appearance of snakes.

Also, witchcraft attacks are associated with the strange appearnce of snakes. In such situations a snake may mysteriously appear inside a house, within the compund, or inside a vehicle.  Pray and fast when you see these demonic serpents.





The weapon to stop Satan is actually found in Luke 11:4


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