The angelic choir in my office!

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Alt=The angelic choir in my office!
The angelic choir in my office!




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find some difficulty believing what I am about to tell you, but it actually happened. The Lord is my witness as I tell you this true story.

My office.

One time I was working in a very busy office that was getting at least thirsty visitors per day. They were always, following up on promises of financial assistance made to them by Government. Because there were always many persons to meet, I usually found very little time to handle correspondence and other paperwork in the tray that was on my desk.

One Friday I realized the paper tray on my desk had accumulated a lot of documents that required my urgent attention. For this reason I decided to work the following day, which was a Saturday. In my country Saturdays are designated as resting days for almost all Government workers.

Alone in my office.

On that Saturday morning I felt a lot of peace and tranquility as I sat alone in my office. No visitor was around. The whole four-story building was empty, except for a few security guards who silently kept still in their vantage observing positions on the ground floor.

Since this building was far from the central business district of this city, one could not hear any traffic noise or any talking persons. The only little sounds I could hear were made by the gently blowing wind and a few singing birds.


As I continued enjoying this peace, something suddenly happened! I started hearing a mass choir singing! Music sounded as if it was coming from thousands and thousands of singers in this choir. Strangely, I could only hear the music but I could not see the persons singing!

This choir had so many music instruments that it sounded like a one million orchestra ensemble! I stopped everything I was doing to investigate the source of this worship music. I checked on all the nearby offices, and the guards downstairs and I never heard any singing going on.

The singing continued.

When I returned to my office, the singing started again! I gave up the search and instead started enjoying this heavenly wonder. This music lasted for about ten minutes until it faded and the celestial choir vanished.

I have never heard that choir again. Up to now I am still wondering why God sent that choir to my office. My prayer is that when time comes for me to leave this world, God saves me from going to hell and enables me to go to heaven where I can hear this angelic choir singing again.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


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