The beautiful fragrances found in Heaven

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The beautiful fragrances found in Heaven
The beautiful fragrances found in Heaven.



Makko Musagara


Dear reader, a day should never pass without your thinking about Heaven because God has prepared it for your eternity.

In this article I show you the delightful fragrances found in Heaven.

Fragrances in heaven cannot be found on earth.

The atmosphere and plants on earth have been so contaminated that you cannot find the fragrances found in heaven.

God has made heaven in such a way that it has its own type of special fragrances that cannot be found anywhere else.

Fragrances in heaven are life-giving.

Earth has so many fragrances that can upset your moods, but this is not the case with heaven. All fragrances in heaven are attractive and life-giving.

Fragrances in heaven give peace.

Jesus Christ has prepared all fragrances in heaven in such a way that they give peace. When a person smells the fragrances in heaven, that person will sense the peace of God.

They are rejuvenating.

All fragrances in heaven have been made by God to be refreshing to your body. Not only that, all heavenly fragrances rejuvenate your life.

This freshness and rejuvenation will always make your body look young.


Fragrances in heaven rejuvenate your body.


Fragrances in heaven are innumerable.

Unlike on earth where you can find the same fragrance in different countries, each part of heaven has its own unique fragrances. Everyday you will be smelling a new type of fragrance.

Fragrances in heaven are healing.

As soon as a person from earth enters heaven, the heavenly fragrances will take away all his sicknesses. That person will become new.

Fragrances in heaven bring happiness.

When a person smells the fragrances in heaven, that person will immediately become happy. This happiness is renewed with the smelling of another type of fragrance and happiness continues for ever.







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