The beauty of the worship service in Heaven

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Alt=The beauty of the worship service in Heaven
The beauty of the worship service in Heaven.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, a day should never go by without you thinking about heaven because this is where you will spend eternity. At this moment you may be wondering how praise and worship is organized in Heaven.

In this article I show you the beauty of the worship service in Heaven

The worship venue.

The meeting place is like a giant modern stadium you have never seen on Earth before whose architecture was designed by Jesus Christ himself (see John 14:3).

Seven times seven ( 7 x 7 = 49) brilliant decorations hang conspicuously at different places inside this stadium.

The seats.

All the seats in this worship venue are beautifully set up by angels with upholstery and  cushions made of the finest fabric you have never seen on Earth. Carpets are made of the finest heavenly material for the comfort of your feet.

Heaven has its own orchestra.

Heaven has its own orchestra composed of angels and celestial musical instruments. Instrumental accompaniment for this worship service is provided by this orchestra.

Other worship instruments.

God’s angels provide each person attending this service with a golden harp specifically made for worshiping God (see Revelation 14:2 ). David’s harp stands out in size and beauty.

The dress code.

Like all other inhabitants in heaven, you will be required to wear a shining robe of the purest white.

The platform.

A large beautifully arranged platform capable of accommodating one thousand seated persons is in the center of this heavenly stadium. This platform is elevated in such a way that everyone in the stadium can see it.

Leaders of the worship service.

All the leaders of this worship service wear golden chains sparkling with diamonds and gems of the rarest beauty. The chief worshipper is (the former king) David because he loved, and he still loves, praise and worship more than any other person.

Jesus Christ.

Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ sits at the center of this heavenly congregation. Persons who have just left Earth are taken to sit near him as a welcome gesture to heaven and everlasting life.

The angels.

Thousands of God’s angels  who accompanied souls that departed from Earth mix happily in this worship congregation.

The song.

Each time a new worship song is announced, David stands with his beautiful voice and giant harp  to lead the congregation.

The Holy Spirit.

As soon as worship starts, the Holy Spirit fills every person and the whole place. Each person feels the desire to  worshipping nonstop without getting tired (see Revelation 4:8).






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