The danger of refusing to serve God

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Alt=The danger of refusing to serve God
The danger of refusing to serve God.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, in this article I am going to show you the danger of refusing to serve God, because I do not want what happened to my wife to happen to someone still living on Earth.

Our Heavenly Father called my wife to serve him.

After receiving Jesus Christ as the Lord of our lives, my wife and I were very hungry for God. We were seeking God with all our hearts. When Heavenly Father saw our hunger for him, he gave each one of us a ministry. My ministry was to write for His Kingdom.

As for my wife, Heavenly Father told her the following:


My daughter, you have now seen the light of Jesus Christ,

but there is a lot of darkness I see in the area where you were born.

I want you to be a light by building a church in your home region.


My wife started giving excuses.


But Lord, I am a woman. Men will despise me.

I request you to send a man because there are so many men in my home region.


The Lord simply remained silent and he did not answer her.

Running water.

Several years passed and my wife found another “good” excuse.


But Lord, there is running water here in the city.

There is no running water in the area where you want me to go.


Once again, Father in Heaven remained silent and did not answer my wife.

Electricity and Television.

In the 1990’s the area where my wife comes from had no electricity or television. Therefore my wife found another excuse, So my wife asked the Lord like this:


Lord, how can I live in a place where there is no electricity or television?


Then the Lord’s anger built up.

The vision.

Then one night as I slept, I got a strange dream. In this vision I saw my whole family walking to the capital city of our country. As we approached our capital, we suddenly saw a wonderful heavenly city that was suspended above our capital city.

A divine bridge that looked like an arch connected our earthly city to the heavenly city.

My whole family started climbing the divine bridge and we all entered the heavenly city, except my wife.

As my wife was about to cross into the heavenly city, a soldier came out of nowhere and blocked her. This soldier blew a trumpet and so many other heavenly soldiers joined him. They totally blocked the bridge so that my wife had nowhere to pass.

I went back to the crossing point and asked the soldiers why they had blocked my wife.


Your wife cannot enter Heaven,

because she refused serving God.

Answered their angry commander.


I pleaded with the soldiers to let my dear wife cross, but they refused.

Then I sat down and started crying for my dear wife. Dear reader, nothing pains like seeing your loved one being locked out of Heaven. I have experienced it.

As I cried, I suddenly woke up from this vision and I sat on my bed with tears still in my eyes.

My wife who lay awake besides me asked:


Why were you crying in your sleep?


First I kept silent as I recollected what I saw in the dream. Then I told her the vision.

She was so scared. She choose to serve the Lord rather than being locked out of Heaven.

So far my wife has built three churches in her home region.





Prayer that blocks Satan.




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