The demonic pipe smokers of Africa

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The demonic pipe smokers of Africa

Overcoming the demonic powers invoked by the pipe smokers of Africa


By  Makko Musagara


Overcoming the demonic powers invoked by the pipe smokers of Africa

In East Africa where I live, wicked individuals, under the guidance of witches, can invoke demon activity by  smoking traditional pipes. They do this smoking to bring themselves good luck or to cause misfortune to their enemies. This practice is so common among non Christian women especially those involved in business and those who want to get sexual partners. To achieve better results, the latter first undress and smoke their pipes while naked as they exhale pipe smoke to their private parts. During all smoking sessions, these people make rhythmic phrases calling demons and instructing these evil spirits what to do.

Believe it or not, some of these pipe smokers achieve their results, especially if their targets are not protected by God’s power. This success is reflected in an old local question in central Uganda asked to persons whose character or moods change suddenly. Such a person may be asked: “Simanyi bakufuyidde emmindi“, meaning “Has a pipe smoker bewitched you?”

Below I give six ways of  overcoming the demonic powers invoked by the pipe smokers of Africa

1. Trust in God with all your heart.

2. Receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

3. Always cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus.

4. Walk in righteousness before God. Sin opens doors for demons to enter your life.

5. Live a prayerful life.

I remember one time I was in a deep sleep at night when I had a vivid dream about someone practicing this type of witchcraft. In this dream, the Lord showed me my elderly workmate smoking a traditional pipe. I knew this old man very well. As he smoked, he kept on exhaling the smoke in my direction and pointing his fore finger towards me. At the same time he was sending curses in my direction. As he continued, I suddenly woke. In the morning the Lord instructed me to tell this man about my dream at night. I did exactly what the Lord told me. This old man was so shocked and embarrassed that he never practiced such type of smoking witchcraft against me.


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