The high cost of fame

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The high cost of fame
The high cost of fame



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, some Christians want their names to be known all over the world. They do not know that fame comes at a great cost. This article is about the high cost of fame.

Our Lord Jesus Christ

When I was still spiritually young, I always asked myself why Jesus usually wanted to keep a low profile. He never wanted publicity or to advertise himself. For example, one time he healed a man who had leprosy. After being healed, this man wanted to go and tell everyone about Jesus and what he had done. But our Lord barred him by saying: “See that you don’t tell anyone(Mathew 8:4). Another time Jesus was in private with his disciples and he instructed them never to reveal his true identity. Jesus strictly warned them not to tell people that he was God’s Messiah (Luke 9:21). Jesus knew that fame comes at a great cost. For a Christian, your fame will create more spiritual battles and more enemies. Fame may lead to your downfall.

Why your fame may come at a great cost.

When you are a Christian and opt for fame the following will happen:

  1. You will arouse spiritual battles from the demonic world. These dark forces will fight to bring you down.
  2. You will create envy from both Christians and non-Christians. Many will be happy seeing you fall from the great heights you have reached.
  3. You will generate a spirit of jealousy from different circles.
  4. You will initiate criticism especially from those who don’t wish you well.
  5. If you become famous, you will fight hard to maintain that status. Instead of focusing on God’s Kingdom, you will be preoccupied with maintaining your fame on earth.
  6. You may miss some of your heavenly rewards.
  7. The more famous you become, the more people will get to know about your private life and get to know your mistakes and shortcomings.

Blessed are the meek.

This is why Jesus advised us to stay meek (gentle, not seeking fame) so that we inherit the earth (Mathew 5:5).


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