The talking birds in Heaven

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Alt=The talking birds in Heaven
The talking birds in Heaven.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, heaven is real. A day should never pass without your thinking about Heaven, because that is where you will spend your eternity.

In this article I would like to introduce to you the talking birds in Heaven.

Before the talking birds, I would like to mention two types of persons who will warmly welcome you, as soon as you enter Heaven.

God’s angels in Heaven.

God’s angels, especially your guardian angels, will be so happy to see that you have made it to Heaven (see Luke 15:10). They would be so sad if you went to Hell.

The angels will realize that all their efforts during your stay on Earth have produced fruit, which is your entry into Heaven.

Your relatives in Heaven.

After the angels have welcomed you, all your relatives who succeeded entering Heaven before you will rush towards you with both their arms in the air.

They will compete to hug you. You will be overwhelmed by their exciting warm reception into Heaven.

Birds in Heaven.

After your relatives, birds of all types will start flying in your direction competing  to welcome you. These birds are able to hear what you are saying (see Genesis 8:81 Kings 17:4 , Revelation 19:17)

What will amaze you next is that these birds in Heaven will be welcoming you in your own language that you used to speak on Earth! (see 1 Kings 17:6).

Bird’s in Heaven know your name.

You may find it difficult to believe what I am about to tell you, but it is the real truth. Birds in heaven will welcome you as they call out your name! (see Job 12:7).

Some will be smiling at you, while others will be laughing with joy because you have made it to Heaven.




The talking birds in Heaven.


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  1. Babajide Olosunde

    Dear brother in the Lord. This is an excellent job . It is uplifting and spiritually education. Bless you and ministry in Jesus name .

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