The two most tortured persons in Hell

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Alt=The two most tortured persons in Hell
The two most tortured persons in Hell.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, Hell is real. And there is no torture anywhere on Earth that compares with the torture in Hell. In this article I will show you the two most tortured persons in Hell.

Torture in Hell is not the same.

Torture in Hell differs from one person to another according to the type of person, and what sin a person committed while on Earth.

If a person’s sin was light in God’s eyes, that person is tortured less by demons, but if a persons sin was very serious in God’s eyes, that person will be among the most tortured by demons in Hell.

You are about to know the two most tortured persons in Hell.

Top on the list – the backslid ministers of God.

Father in Heaven has called many people on Earth to serve him by leading the unsaved souls to Jesus Christ. If any minister of God backslides and, instead of leading people to Heaven, he leads them to Hell, then that minister will be one of the most tortured in Hell (James 3:1).

Satan and demons will add extra torture because before this minister of God backslid, he was binding, burning, and torturing demons with prayers, worship, and fasting. When this minister of God goes to Hell, it becomes the time of Satan and demons to revenge.

Preaching nonstop in Hell.

As soon as the backslid minister lands in Hell, ferocious demons will pierce his body with hot spears. Demons will force this minister to preach without stopping under burning fire all the time.

Ferocious demons will force this minister to preach using a red-hot pulpit made of melting iron, and a chair made of burning Sulfur (Hebrews 10:26-27). These demons will mock the backslid minister to “bind them, and cast them away” as he was doing on Earth.

The demons become enraged and torture even more if this sinful minister pauses preaching in Hell.

Concentrated sulfuric acid – instead of water.

There is no water in Hell. If this backslid minister feels thirsty as he preaches in Hell and he needs water, then the angry demons will give him a cup of boiling sulfuric acid (Revelation 21:8).

Number two on the list: A backslid ordinary Christian.

If any person accepted Jesus Christ to be the Lord of his life, then afterwards backslid, that person will face a lot torture in Hell (Hebrews 10:26-27). This torture will almost be similar to that of the backslid minister of God.




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