These thoughts attract suicide demons

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Alt=These thoughts attract suicide demons
These thoughts attract suicide demons.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, many people commit suicide because of what enters into their minds. Demons of suicide hang around many places in this world. They usually stay near desperate persons. These demons become quickly excited and activated when you you think as they like.

Witches and Satanists can cast demons of suicide.

If contacted by your enemies, witches and Satanists can actually cast upon your life the demons of suicide. When you are not strong in the Lord, you will succumb to these demons with your life ending in suicide.

The following thoughts give demons of suicide legal grounds to enter your body.


  1. “Death is better, I wish I can die.”

  2. “I am no longer useful in this world, I wish I die.”

  3. “God has not helped me. Let me die.”

  4. “I am completely useless in this world, I wish I can die.”

  5. “Everyone has not helped me, I wish I can die.”

  6. “I have lost all hope, I wish I die.”

  7. “I can no longer handle this, let me die.”

  8. “I am as good as a dead person.”

  9. “A dead person is better than me, let me die.”

  10. “I think death will take all my pain away.”

  11. “I think death will take all my shame away.”

  12. “I think death will take away all my suffering.”

  13. Cursed be the day I was born! May the day my mother bore me not be blessed!” Jeremiah 20:14

When demons enter a desperate person, the process of committing suicide begins, ending in death and Hell.


How to overcome thoughts of suicide.



When you pray, you increase your faith in God. Your relationship with God improves. God will send his angels to help you.

Binding and casting away demons of suicide.

When you detect thoughts of suicide, you can actually bind them and cast them out of your body. Invite the Holy Spirit to come and dwell within your body.

Start thinking positively.

The following confessions will give your body, spirit, and soul life – instead of death:


“I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.”  Psalm 118:17

“Death will not come to my house. I will see life, instead of death, in my house”

“My God is faithful, he will fulfil all the good promises he has made for my life”



These thoughts attract suicide demons.


Prayer that blocks Satan.



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