This is how Satan makes couples fight

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Satan does this to make couples fight
Satan and demons cause couples to fight each other.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, never blame couples who fight because there is someone else to blame. It is the Devil who causes all this trouble.

In this article I show you how Satan makes couples fight.

Satan hates unity.

God loves unity and harmony, but the Devil and demons hate couples who are united and are living in harmony. Satan will do anything possible to cause problems in the lives of these couples so that they separate.

Satan’s dark anointing substance.

The Devil has a large tank containing a black oil-like substance which causes divisions and fights. When sprayed to any happily living couple, this substance will cause them to fight and finally separate.

How Satan administers this substance.

Every night thousands of demons gather around Satan’s throne with empty bottles. The Devil fills all these bottles with the dark substance and he commands these demons to go all over the world looking for couples living in harmony.

This substance is administered at night.

During the night when couples are in deep sleep, demons enter their bedrooms and spray them with this invisible evil dark substance from Satan’s throne room.

As soon as the sprayed couple wakes up, they feel like wanting to fight each other. They start talking of separation.


Demons will spray couples living in harmony with an evil substance from Satan’s throne.


How to fight back.

The first thing couples have to understand is that the battles they are fighting are spiritual, not physical. Couples have to understand that they have to engage in spiritual warfare rather than physical confrontations.

Pray before you go to sleep

The major weapon against attacks from Satan and demons is prayer. Praying before sleep will cause God’s angels to drop divine bombs on hiding locations for demons.

Prayer works better if a couple prays together or as a family.

Pray at midnight.

Midnight prayer is so powerful that it can shake all places where Satan and demons are hiding. They will be afraid of attacking you during your sleep.

Morning prayer.

This prayer neutralizes any evil works done by Satan and demons during your sleep at night. Father in Heaven will return to you all your blessings Satan had stolen.

The blood of Jesus Christ.

Before going to bed, always cover yourself, and your bedroom with the Blood of Jesus Christ. When you do this, demons may find it difficult to attack you during your sleep.






This is how Satan makes couples fight.




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