This item weighs heavily in Heaven for any Christian

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Alt=This item weighs heavily in Heaven for any Christian
This item weighs heavily in Heaven for any Christian.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, Heaven has weighing scales for all Christians. Everything a Christian does here on Earth will be weighed in heaven (see Revelation 20:12). Some things Christians do here on Earth will weigh more that others.

In this article I show you something that will weigh so heavily in Heaven for any Christian. This item weighs heavily in Heaven for any Christian.

Your heavenly assignment.

Every person on Earth has an assignment from God the Father. This assignment will weigh heavily on your day of judgement.

My own assignment.

After receiving Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life, many years passed without my knowing God‘s call upon my life. I became a confused Christian because I kept on trying this and that, believing I was answering God’s call.

Then during one Sunday service something strange happened to me. I was seated on the back row of the church because I had failed to know what God wanted me to do.

Suddenly the visiting preacher pointed at the very back row where I was seated and he said these words to the congregation:

You man,

[this preacher first described how I looked like, and the color of the shirt I was wearing ],

God is calling you, but you have failed to answer His call.

I see you being confused.

You are not taking any action related to God’s call upon your life.

But this is what the Lord has just shown me now;

I see you writing, and writing, and writing.

God says you know what to do,

Answer God’s call upon your life without any delay.


That discernment by a man of God helped me to understand my calling. It marked the beginning of this ministry.

Despised heavenly assignments.

There are some divine assignments which are despised by Christians, yet they weigh heavily in Heaven. One of these is cleaning church premises.

There are Christians whom God appointed, before they were born here on Earth, that they will clean church premises.

Even if such a person became a pastor, but he never cleans the church premises, his efforts will count very little in Heaven.

A very good Christian.

You may be a very good Christian here on Earth, but if what you are doing is not related to your heavenly calling, your efforts will count very little in Heaven.

Prayer warriors.

You may be a prayer warrior, but if you have not answered God’s call upon your life, your prayers will count very little on the day of judgement.


Even if you fast 365 days in a year, your fasting will count little if you have not responded to your actual heavenly calling.

Answer God’s call upon your life.

Dear reader, I advise you to find out the reason why you were brought into this world. Father in Heaven has a very important call upon your life. If you discover your calling, do it with all your heart because your efforts to answer God’s call will weigh heavily on the Day of Judgement.





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