This paralyzes Satan and demons.

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Alt=This paralyzes Satan and demons.
This paralyzes Satan and demons.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, there are some things you can do and the devil’s kingdom will not come near you. This article presents seven things that paralyse Satan and demons.

Surrender yourself totally to Jesus Christ.

First, Satan and demons will be very scared if a person gives his life to Jesus Christ. As a result, the devil and demons will begin to see fire and the warrior angels of God around that person. That person can only be attacked if he commits to sin.

The name of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, Satan and demons are very frightened by the name of Jesus Christ. Therefore, get used to calling on the name of our Jesus Christ, especially when you are under demonic attack.

The Blood of Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, Satan and demons are very afraid of the blood of Jesus Christ. For this reason, you can prevent Satan and demons from attacking you by invoking the blood of Jesus Christ wherever you are.

The spoken word of God.

Additionally, you can prevent Satan and demons from attacking you by quoting relevant Bible verses out loud. This is one of the weapons that our Lord Jesus Christ used to defeat Satan in the desert.


Fifth, Satan and demons fear any Christian who stays away from sin. If you hate sin in all its forms, then you can prevent Satan and demons from attacking you. On the contrary, sin opens the doors for Satan and demons to attack you.

Living a life of prayer.

Additionally, a Christian can stop the attacks of Satan and demons by living a life of prayer. Praying means talking to God, therefore a life of prayer means talking to our Father in Heaven frequently.

Using the weapon of binding demons.

Seventh, demons will be kept away from any Christian who knows how to use the weapon of binding demons and casting them out.



This paralyzes Satan and demons.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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