This Psalm can destroy all your enemies

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This Psalm can destroy all your enemies
This Psalm can destroy all your enemies.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, the Bible Psalm I am about to tell you is so dangerous that if you read it out loud, it can destroy all your enemies.

This Psalm is not only dangerous to human enemies, it also destroys Satanic and demonic forces.

You must be innocent before God.

For God to take action against your enemies, you must be an innocent person in the sight of God. You must  be living a life of repentance all the time.

If you are not, then this Psalm may not work for you.

What is this Bible Psalm?

The Psalm I am talking about is actually Psalm 35.

God will fight your battles.

When you read out this Psalm, you will no longer need to struggle because God himself will fight against those who are fighting you.


God will take over.

After reading out this Psalm loud, our Father in Heaven will take over your battles and he will become the enemy of all your enemies.

Pushed back.

God will fight for you and turn back in dismay all your enemies.

Blown away.

Father in Heaven will blow away your enemies like chaff before the wind.



Chased by angels.

God’s angels will be activated and they will drive away all your enemies.

Their paths will become slippery.

The paths of your enemies will become dark and slippery,
with the angel of the Lord pursuing them.


Failure will overtake your enemies by surprise.


Falling into their own traps.

Your enemies will be entangled by the net they hid for you.

Falling into their own pits.

Your enemies will fall into the pit they had dug for you.

They will stop rejoicing.

Your enemies will no longer rejoice over your problems and hardships.

You will be vindicated.

Our Father in Heaven will vindicate you in his righteousness


Jesus Christ will put your enemies to shame.


The Holy Spirit will put your enemies into confusion.


God will put your enemies to disgrace.





This Psalm can destroy all your enemies.





Do not lead us into temptation




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3 Responses

  1. Lewis McClenton

    I am grateful for the information you published,but I know that the holy spirit comes when 2 or maybe re come together in the name of the lord.My enemies have not only misrepresented means lied they have tried to keep me busy myself .I have been tempted by enemies when I have tried to bring my family together they have tempted with same sex relationship,when I am heterosexual . They also have tried disrupt my family by keeping me and children apart.Please pray for their demise.

    • Makko Musagara


      The devil always keeps on trying. This is the reason you should continue praying. Read to God Psalm 31 always.


  2. Patricia Clark

    In any worldly “flesh” struggle where are you going to get the protection from satin’s strongholds?
    ….. From the Holy Spirit, your Protector. The spiritual warfare is NOW! Believer’s need to get off the fence and take a STAND! The TRUTH is God’s Word. Don’t look for anything else to fulfill and fill you, period! In Jesus’ name. Amen!

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