Two amazing facts about Jesus not recorded in the Bible

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Alt=Two amazing facts about Jesus not recorded in the Bible
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Makko Musagara




Dear reader, what you read in the Bible about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may be only about 33% of his extraordinary divine and human life.

The remaining 77% is recorded in books that can only be found in Heaven.

In this article I show you two amazing facts about Jesus that are not recorded in the Bible.

Amazing fact number one.

When Jesus Christ was born, the Bible mentions a great company of heavenly host that appeared with the angel, praising God (see Luke 2:13-14).

What the Bible does not mention is that there was more excitement, celebration, praise, and worship never seen before within Heaven itself, where the company of heavenly host had come from.

For thousands of years everyone in Heaven had been waiting for this moment.

When Jesus Christ was born on Earth, there were great shouts of thanksgiving, praise, and worship from all the angels in Heaven.

Not only that, all the saints who had left earth and were already in Heaven, including Abraham, David, Elijah, Elisha, Isiah, and thousands of others, also joined in this celebration.

Heaven came to a standstill.

Every activity in Heaven came to a standstill as everyone was celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on Earth. Up to now all persons who were in Heaven at that time remember these cerebrations.

If you were to go to Heaven today and ask anyone the most unforgettable event that has ever taken place in Heaven, everyone will tell you that it was the celebrations that took place in Heaven the day Jesus was born.

You will read more about this historic day in God’s books, if you succeed entering Heaven.


Amazing fact number two.

Joseph and Mary did not know how to raise the special divine child Jesus Christ, so they needed assistance from someone conversant with heavenly matters.

This help came from our Father in Heaven himself. Without the knowledge of both Joseph and Mary, God our Father used to visit the little boy Jesus Christ to train him in many earthly and divine matters.

Sometimes Joseph and Mary saw a very bright light in the room where the boy Jesus Christ slept and they could not understand what was going on. But the boy Jesus knew that it was his Father in Heaven who had come to visit him.

Through these divine visitations, the little boy Jesus acquired both earthly and supernatural wisdom more than any other person on Earth.

When you go to Heaven, you will read more about God our Father’s visitations to the little boy Jesus Christ.



Two amazing facts about Jesus not recorded in the Bible.



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