Use power in your hands

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Use power in your hands
Many Christians do not know that they have spiritual power in their hands.



By Makko Musagara


Use power in your hands

Many Christians are moving around with the power of  God, the power of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit within their hands but they will never use their hands to bless other people.

If you have faith in God, then know that God lives within you. If you believe in Jesus Christ, then be assured Jesus lives within you, and if you believe in the person of the Holy Spirit then know that the Holy Spirit lives within you. So, what are you doing with all that power? Below I give you suggestions on how you can use your hands to bless others.

  1. Lay your hands on members of your household and pronounce God’s blessings on them.
  2. Lay your hands on the sick and pray for their healing. Proclaim the authority given to you by Jesus Christ to cast out demons and sickness. I assure you the sick  and the afflicted will feel better after your prayer.
  3. Lay your hands on the needy pronouncing God’s blessing and assuring them their lives will change for the better after your prayer.
  4. Lay your hands on individuals who don’t know Jesus Christ. They will be touched by the Holy Spirit who will gradually change their hearts.
  5. Lay your hands on pupils and students so that God gives them supernatural wisdom.
  6. Lay your hands on broken down vehicles, machines, household items and office equipment. God will bring someone to repair them quickly.

You were created in God’s image which means your hands are the hands of God. Always use your hands to bless others.



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