“Wash your garments” Jesus tells all preachers

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Alt="Wash your garments" Jesus tells all preachers
“Wash your garments” Jesus tells all preachers


Makko Musagara



Dear reader, I bring you this message from Jesus Christ to all preachers in the world.

Serving me is good.

“Preaching is good, but it must be done in sanctity, and in great fear of the Lord because the hour of judgement is soon coming.

Although you are serving me and sacrificing yourself for God’s Kingdom, you must first purify yourself.” says Jesus Christ.

Live by what you preach.

“If you are to enter Heaven, then you must live by what you preach. On God‘s Day of Judgement, it is what you preached on earth that will judge you”

Loosing your own soul.

“What is the purpose of preaching when you are going to loose your soul? It is better for you not to continue preaching, and instead you focus on the salvation of your own soul”.

Satan will accuse you.

“When your life on earth comes to an end, time will come when you walk towards the Gate of Heaven and the angels of God will anxiously be on standby to open for you.

Just before you reach the gate of Heaven, the enemy, who is Satan, will come out of nowhere with the accusations against the sins you committed on Earth.

Satan will produce a lot of proof against you, including the exact clothes you were wearing the day you committed each sin.

With all this evidence, the angels of God will refuse to open the gates of Heaven for you.”

Wash your garments.

“A preacher with dirty garments will never enter Heaven. Wash your garments right now using the soap of true repentance so that you appear holy, and you are worthy to enter the gates of Heaven”

Purify your secret lives.

“Despite my warnings to them, some of my servants are living sinful secret lives that are gradually leading them to destruction in Hell.

You must repent of these secret sins for the sake of your testimony before all people on Earth, and your entry through the gates of Heaven”




“Wash your garments” Jesus tells all preachers.






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