What attracts demons

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What attracts demons
What attracts demons



By   Makko Musagara


Demons are like mosquitoes. If you do not take any action, mosquitoes will be attracted to bite you. But if you take precautions like fumigation, a repellent or using a net, they will stay away. In this post I list some of the things that may attract demons to your life.

  1. A life without Jesus Christ, or a life where you are not serious with your personal relationship with Jesus will attract demons to you. When you truly have a relationship with Jesus, demons will fear coming near you.
  2. A prayer less life. Prayer brings the glory and power of God over your life. Prayer attracts the attention of God’s angels and the Holy Spirit. When you go into prayer, an invisible fire of God will envelope you. This is why demons fear coming near a prayerful person.
  3. Lack of faith in God. Doubt in God’s abilities will open doorways for demons to enter your life. Where there is doubt there is fear which attracts demons into your life.
  4. Living in un-confessed sin. If you are a Christian, demons are on standby to see if you commit an act of sin. Then they will enter your life. Of all sins, anger and sexual sins attracts demons most. If you ask God for forgiveness promising Him not to do that sin again, you will close the door for entry of demons in your life.
  5. Any association with witchcraft will automatically qualify you for demonic attacks.
  6. Unbroken curses, including generational curses will make a door way for demons to enter your life.
  7. If you keep any stolen item within your properties, be sure it will attract demons.
  8. The Blood of Jesus. If you do not know how to apply the Blood of Jesus to your life and in different circumstances, then demons may be attracted to you.


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