What God told me about defeating your enemies

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Alt=What God told me about defeating your enemies
What God told me about defeating your enemies




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find some difficulty believing what I am about to tell you, but it is the truth. It is what God told me about defeating your enemies.

The supernatural vision.

What God told me was in form of a supernatural vision as I slept at night.

In this vision the Lord showed me a graceful healthy green watermelon plant. This plant had many large beautiful fruits, and it was pleasant to look at all these large watermelons.

Then, as I was looking at all these beautiful fruits, a hand  from heaven gave me a sharp sword.

The voice of the Lord commanded me to cut down this watermelon plant!

I felt so sad in my heart when the Lord asked me to cut down this beautiful fruitful plant.

I cried a lot because of this plant, and I prayed begging the Lord like this:

Lord, please forgive me,

I have a lot of respect for you,

but I am pleading on behalf of this watermelon plant.

Because of all these beautiful fruits I beg you,

please let us leave this plant to grow


Lord, please let us not cut this watermelon plant because it has beautiful fruits. Let us leave it grow.”


Suddenly a hand came from heaven and snatched the sword from me.

Then the Lord told me as follows:


The way you felt sorry for the beautiful fruitful watermelon plant,

is the same way I feel compassion for any person on earth who is fruitful in my Kingdom.

I will not allow enemies to harm that person.


Become fruitful in God’s Kingdom.

From the supernatural vision above you can see that our Father in heaven values a person who is bearing fruit in his Kingdom.

God will protect you from any harm if you are bearing fruits in his kingdom.

If you are wondering how to become fruitful in God’s Kingdom, then read this article:

7 Ways of investing in heaven.




What God told me about defeating your enemies.



Do not lead us into temptation



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