You have no real friend, except Jesus Christ

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Alt=You have no real friend, except Jesus Christ
You have no real friend, except Jesus Christ.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, you may be having many people here on Earth whom you call friends, but they are not real friends. In this article I show you that none of your friends is actually a real friend. Only Jesus Christ can be your faithful friend.

You are being deceived.

The Devil is trying to convince you that you have real friends here on Earth but this is not true. Even your most trusted friend may be false because of the reasons I am about to give you.

None of your best friends can give you peace.

Out of all your best friends you have on Earth, none of them can give you real peace because whatever they offer is false peace. Only Jesus Christ can offer you the real peace of heart.

Your best friend can abandon you.

People you call your friends here on Earth can abandon you, but when you put your trust in Jesus Christ as your best friend, he will never abandon you.

Your best friend can tell you lies.

Your most trusted friend can deceive you, but Jesus Christ will never tell you lies you because he always promises and fulfills.

Your  best friends can turn against you.

In this world, your most trusted friend can turn against you, whereas Jesus Christ can never turn against you.

Your best friends may lead you to darkness.

Persons you call your most trusted friends here on Earth may actually be leading to darkness and destruction whereas Jesus Christ always leads you to light and eternal life.

Your best friends cannot give you life.

None of your best friends can give you real life but Jesus Christ gives you life in all its fullness.

Your best friends can lead you to destruction and Hell.

Many of your best friends may actually be leading you Hell, whereas Jesus Christ is leading you away from the road to destruction.

None of your best friends can give you eternal life.

There is no single friend of yours who can give you eternal life because whatever they offer you is temporary. Only Jesus Christ can give you eternal life and everlasting happiness.





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